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  This is a recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation in my family, the only way I like my ramps fixed. Very mild flavor, although you can definitely taste the ramps! Some of my family like to eat them raw, also. And as always, the earlier you can get them from the woods, the more tender they are!! -- Becky

Ramp Casserole

1 bushel cleaned ramps, cut into 2-inch pieces - enough to make 4 quarts of ramps, cooked down; or use pre-frozen, blanched ramps - 4 quarts
water to cover
2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp Crisco
10 day-old Texas dinner rolls, broken into bite size pieces
16 eggs

Divide ramps between two 10-12 inch skillets. Cover with water.
Add 1 tbsp salt to each skillet. Cook down until water is almost gone.
Add 1 tbsp solid vegetable shortening (Crisco). Cook over low heat until shortening is dissolved.
Stir in the dinner roll pieces between both skillets, generally around 5 rolls per skillet.
Stir in the eggs, 8 eggs per skillet.
Make sure the ramps, bread and eggs are well mixed together in the skillets.
Put the skillets in a 400 degree oven to bake for about 1/2 hour, or until eggs are cooked.
Make sure to stir occasionally - you want the eggs to be cooked, but not dry.

Serve alone as a meal, or as a side to ham and potatoes, or any meat choice.
This is a rather large recipe, because we are generally making it to feed at least 10-15 people.


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