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  2021 Dinners -- updated March 15, 2021

Due to bad weather or a lack of ramps, some dinners have been canceled or had date changes in the past. So please contact them if you are traveling a long distance.

88th Annual Ramp Festival, Waynesville, NC
May 1 to 2. Annual Waynesville Ramp Festival
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. each day. American Legion Field, 171 Legion Drive, Waynesville, North Carolina 28786. An afternoon celebration featuring live music, clogging, the festival highlights ramps. Ramps are a native wild onion, harvested in the spring from the mountainsides, that can be eaten raw or cooked. A true culinary delicacy celebrated for its pungent aroma and the bold flavor it brings to food. Come out to Waynesville for a full meal featuring ramps, crafts, variety of vendors, live music & more! Call for details 828-456-3517.

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