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Are you craving some of this...

Platter with ramps

...but can't find one of these!

Truck with ramps

Photos by Golden Lion Media©

You're bound to find a roadside stand just about anywhere in the spring in ramp country. If you are like me and living too far from the mountains, it is hard to make it to the dinners or to find roadside stands. Fortunately, you can get ramps mail order in season.

Wild West Virginia Ramps. Sign up for their emails on availability.

Earthy Delights is in Michigan. They also have pickled ramps. They were mentioned on the April 23, 2006 edition of the Today Show. Apparently NBC made them take the video off of YouTube. It's no longer availabe at that website.

G&N Ramp Farm Specialties is located in Richwood, WV. Anytime of the year you can order a recipe booklet, booklets on the growth cycle of ramps and growing ramps and postcards to send to your friends. If you are interested in growing your own, you can order ramps seeds and ramp bulbs.

Smoke Camp Crafts sells Ramp Jam at Mountain Made, Tamarack and other outlets in West Virginia. It is also available wholesale or in bulk. Call them at (304) 269-6416 or them.

Brown's Creations in Clay, Inc. of Morgantown, WV sells West Virginis Ramp Biscuit Mix. Call them at (304) 296-6656.

A. S. Margraf's Fine Foods in North Carolina advertises ramp vinegar, sauces, salad dressing, mustard and even catsup.

The Kirkwood Winery sells Appalachian Ramp Wine that they claim is great for cooking. This wine was shown in the documentary. Their online shop isn't available yet but you might try calling them. I have seen it for sale at Amish Farms Bulk Food and Cheese. Call them at (304) 765-4077. They are located at the Flatwoods Factory Outlet, exit 67 of Interstate 79 in Flatwoods, WV.

I have also seen Chef Harv's Ramp Dressing at Amish Farms Bulk Food and Cheese. Call them at (304) 765-4077. By the way, I love Chef Harv's Hot Pepper Jelly!

Right now, Chef Harv's can be found at Mountain Made. They are listing Ramp Hot Sauce, Ramp BBQ Sauce and Ramp Relish.

If you are interested in growing your own ramps, Dr. Jeanine Davis has a nice list of sources for bulbs and seeds. And she also has lots of advice on planting and harvesting ramps in a book that she co-authored. It's listed in my "Support this site" section.

I've been researching New York City restaurants that serve ramps and I found out that you can buy fresh ramps at Greenmarket Farmer's Market in Union Square Park North, (212) 477-3220.

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